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BBC Radio Derby: James McCabe and Dave Holmes talk with Jenny about 'Black Ops'11 Apr 2014 - James McCabe and Dave Holmes share their perspective on the film as actors.


U.S. Sales Agent Circus Road Films Take On 'Slaughter Is The Best Medicine'08 Oct 2012 - Stickmen Pictures have signed with Circus Road Films for representation in the U.S. and Canada.. read more

Circus Road Films


BBC Radio Derby: Rishi talks to Keith Jeffrey25 Nov 2011 - Rishi Thaker talks with Quad's chief executive Keith Jeffrey about on Radio Derby. read more


Strange Things Are Happening: Get Slaughtered!07 Aug 2011 - A short news article about 'Slaughter is the Best Medicine' at Strange Things Are Happening. read more

Slaughter is the Best Medicine Poster


Live For Films: 'Slaughter' Trailer08 Jul 2011 - Live For Films show their support by posting the trailer of Slaughter is the Best Medicine and a brief review.

Slaughter Cast


IMDb: 'Slaughter' now listed07 Jul 2011 - The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) have officially listed Slaughter is the Best Medicine on their site.

Slaughter is the Best Medicine Poster Slaughter is the Best Medicine on IMDb


Peterborough Evening Telegraph: James McCabe - aspiring film star04 Jun 2011 - James McCabe's interview in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph about his early years before seeking stardom in Slaughter Is the Best Medicine among other films.



'Slaughter' Test Screenings03 Jun 2011 - Slaughter is the Best Medicine was shown to two test audiences last week, a total of 90 people, and received a great deal of positive feedback. Minor changes based on critical appraisal by the attendees will be carried out over the next few days and the finished article will be sent out to festivals and distributors over the next few months. We'll keep you posted. Below is some of the feedback so far:

"Funny, tense, thrilling, scary, all in one! Good times!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the film - film is a major step forward for Stickmen Pictures."

"Didn't feel like a one-hour thirty film, which was a very good thing."

"Wouldn't have thought that this was low budget. Plot really good. How did you think it up!"

"Fantastically well put together. Well done."


"As a genre I do not generally watch/read, it was entertaining."

"It punches well outside it's weight class... It is unbelievable that it has been zero budget."

"It's like Tarantino meets Predator, without the alien. Awesome!"


'Slaughter' Test Screenings15 Nov 2010 - "It's a wrap!" Rishi's directorial transition from short films to a feature-length narrative, Slaughter is the Best Medicine, has been seemless and he has inspired the cast and crew to achieve something far beyond our zero budget limitations. Directors must cope with a great deal of pressure, but he approached the role professionally and with a great deal of energy. Having completed principle photography the work of post production has begun. The majority of mine and Rishi's time for the next couple of months will be spent in the edit suite and it's looking great so far. This is the first project that we have filmed semi-scripted, so having talented actors who can improvise has been key. The script has evolved based on their interpretations and their skill to ad lib has added a great deal to the film. Working without financial backing has focussed our efforts on solving problems in lateral ways. I used a makeshift steadycam with a mixture of success and spent many hours planning the shots with Rishi. Capturing the majority of the sound outside, Baldy and Laurence have sure had their work cut out for them. And Mick was an inspiration with his various ways to solve issues in genuine English-MacGyver style. My favourite was when he jump-started a range rover with tent pegs and his bare hands =:o


Facebook: New 'Slaughter' page07 Jul 2010 - Slaughter is the Best Medicine's new Facebook page is a place to connect with the team, find out more about the film and to get involved.

Stickmen Pictures @ Facebook


Going Interactive: 'The Plumber'05 Jan 2010 - The Plumber is the world's first truly interactive live-action film. In this 'choose your own adventure' film we follow a plumber who finds himself in a set of tricky situations. It's up to the viewer to make the key decisions that will take him to salvation or bring him pain. With 34 choices, 14 pitfalls and 3 unique endings there are many different storylines to find.

The Plumber


BBC Derby's Big Screen: The Chasist07 Aug 2009 - Music video The Chasist is shown on the BBC Big Screen in Derby city centre.


BBC Radio Derby: Rishi talks about 'The Chasist' (LISTEN)07 Feb 2009 - Rishi Thaker talks with Colin Bloomfield about The Chasist on Radio Derby.


3BTV: 'A Mid-Summer Nightmare' online listing14 Oct 2006 - A Mid-Summer Nightmare is chosen for exhibition on this 3BTV's website.


Lift International Film Festival 200621 Sep 2006 - The Darkness in the Fields and Across the Styx are both chosen by a panel of judges and screened at Lift International Film Festival at the Metro Cinema in Derby.


Brief Encounters18 Nov 2005 - A Mid-Summer Nightmare is screened at Brief Encounters as part of the Bristol International Film Festival (BIFF).


Lift International Film Festival 200525 Sep 2005 - A Mid-Summer Nightmare is screened at Lift International Film Festival in the Metro Cinema in Derby.


East Midlands Today: Feature on 'A Mid-Summer Nightmare' success in Eat My Shorts16 Jun 2005 - BBC East Midlands Today reports on Daniel Tee accepting the award for Best Film with A Mid-Summer Nightmare in the Eat My Shorts film competition.


Derby Telegraph: 'A Mid-Summer Nightmare' Wins Eat My Shorts Best Film Award15 Jun 2005 - Derby Telegraph report on A Mid-Summer Nightmare winning Best Film by audience vote in the Eat My Shorts competition.


BBC Radio Derby: Daniel talks about The Darkness In The Fields' (LISTEN)14 Feb 2005 - Daniel Tee and Kunal Parekh talk to Shane O'Connor on Radio Derby about The Darkness in the Fields.


Bang! Festival: 'A Mid-Summer Nightmare' Screened14 Sep 2004 - A Mid-Summer Nightmare' is chosen and exhibited at the Bang! Short Film Festival at Broadway Cinema in Nottingham.


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