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A Mid-Summer Nightmare


A Mid-Summer Nightmare (2004)

In the dead of the night, when you think you're alone, just remember one thing... you're not.

Amar drives Aagand to a desolate place to make out, but his plans are disturbed by a knife-wielding mask-wearing maniac killer. Amar fights the killer but is brutally slaughtered, leaving Aagand running for her life. She must outwit the killer to escape.

Genre: Comedy Horror   Directed by: Rishi Thaker  
Type: Short film   Produced by: Daniel Tee  
Running time: 15 mins   Writing credit: Rishi Thaker (writer)  
Location: Derby, UK        




  Angharad Jones ..Aagand Iche  
  James Dixon ...Amar Wanoche  
  Kunal Parekh ...MM  
  Joseph Hamer ...Mong  
  Original music by: Rob Padley  
  Sound: Joseph Hamer  
  Cinematography by: Daniel Tee  
  Puppeteer: Meeta Thaker  
  Driver: Rose  
  Casting Assistant: Amanda Beetham-Wallace  
  Technician: Jak Carr  



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