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Stickmen Pictures Ltd

Stickmen Pictures Ltd. is a film production company based in the Midlands of England with a solid success rate on project completion and exhibition. Founded by compadres Daniel Tee and Rishi Thaker in 2004 with their first short collaboration (the widely screened A Mid-Summer Nighmare), Stickmen Pictures has continued to reach the highest of standards by collaborating closely as a crew, winning the Eat My Shorts Best Film Award by audience vote in 2005. With no monetary backing to date, the team have developed original ways to achieve results, far above could be expected working on zero budget.

In 2009, the team pioneered a the world's first truly interactive live-action film with The Plumber. Its multiple choices and outcomes are unique in structure and the team are now building upon this framework to develop new and revolutionary audience-participative films.

The team recently completed Slaughter is the Best Medicine, their first feature film, an action thriller with a storyline generally reserved for large American production houses.

Whether spoof horror, psychological chiller, challenging drama or pioneering interactive content, Stickmen Pictures seeks to challenge and entertain their audience with laughter, tears, fright and exhilaration.


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Company Directors:

Rishi Thaker

Daniel Tee




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