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Director Rishi Thaker



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Slaughter is the Best Medicine on IMDb

Rishi Thaker

Slaughter is the Best Medicine (Feature Film, 2012) - director, writer, producer

Devil's Grip (Short Film, 2012) - executive producer

The Plumber (Interactive Film, 2010) - writer, director, producer

The Chasist: Masquerade (Music Video, 2009) - writer, director, producer, Passer by

Focus (Micro Film, 2008) - writer, director, producer

15: Stickmen Pictures (TV Episode, 2007) - Himself

The Waiting Game (Trailer, 2007) - director

The Follower (Short Film, 2006) - writer, director, producer, Police officer

Sparks (Pilot Episode, 2006) - director, producer

Across the Styx (Short Film, 2005) - writer, director, producer

The Darkness in the Fields (Short Film, 2005) - writer, director, producer

A Mid-Summer Nightmare (Short Film, 2004) - writer, director


Rishi's role as director could not be more appropriate. He has clear aims when approaching a project and listens to the crew to get the best out of the ever-changing environment of film.

Rishi Thaker loved film from an early age. He was inspired greatly by Quentin Tarantino and other great directors such as Peter Jackson. He always wanted to make films but the opportunity wasn't forthcoming. He made the opportunity for himself by joining a community scriptwriting and film course with his friend Kunal Parekh, learning the basics of filming process. This is where he met Daniel Tee, realising mutual burning need to get out there and make a film immediately.

After meeting Daniel for the very first time, Rishi wrote the short comedy horror A Mid-Summer Nightmare (2004), which they started filming the very next weekend. The Darkness in the Fields (2005) was to follow, a script that Rishi wrote with Kunal and found some amazing Derbyshire locations to bring the sinister chiller to life.

His directing credits also include the philosphical Across the Styx (2005), The Follower (2006) and suspense horror Focus (2008). He then shot The Chasist: Masquerade (2009), an ambitious music video showcasing the city of Derby with a car chase and impressive stunts.

His and Daniel's first feature film came in the form of low budget action thriller Slaughter is the Best Medicine, a high-concept and ambitious project shot in Derbyshire.


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