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Daniel Tee

Slaughter is the Best Medicine (Feature Film, 2012) - producer, director of photography, editor, visual effects, Bennet

Devil's Grip (Short Film, 2012) - writer, director, producer, editor, sound, music, Luke

The Magnificent Eleven (Feature Film, 2012) - Referee

Chris (Short Film, 2012) - Chris

A Reckoning (Feature Film, 2011) - cameraman, The Red Death

The Plumber (Interactive Film, 2010) - writer, producer, director of photography, editor, visual effects, Unfortunate Man

NHS Choices: Dyslexia (Online, 2009) - Himself

Watchdog (BBC TV Episode, 2009) - Himself

Gutted (BBC TV Episode, 2010) - cameraman

How To Look Good Naked (2 Channel 4 TV Episodes, 2009) - Model

The One Show (BBC TV Episode, 2009) - Himself

The Chasist [Masquerade] (Music Video, 2009) - director of photography, editor

Pressplay (3 TV Episodes, 2009) - cameraman

Focus (Micro Film, 2008) - writer, producer, director of photography, editor, visual effects

Ha Simone Sunrise (Documentary, 2007) - writer, presenter, editor

Zombies And Cream (Short Film, 2007) - Zombie

15: Stickmen Pictures (TV Episode, 2007) - Himself

The Waiting Game (Trailer, 2007) - co-producer, director of photography, editor, visual effects, Nervous Guy

Die Hard In Derby (Short Film, 2007) - Evil Neo, Henchman

The Follower (Short Film, 2006) - writer, producer, director of photography, editor, Matthew

Sparks (Pilot Episode, 2006) - writer, producer, editor, Sam

Across the Styx (Short Film, 2005) - producer, director of photography, editor

The Darkness in the Fields (Short Film, 2005) - producer, director of photography, editor

Pros and Cons (Short Film, 2004) - writer, editor, Jack, Barns

A Mid-Summer Nightmare (Short Film, 2004) - producer, director of photography, editor, stunts

The Lands Girls (Feature Film, 1998) - Man in pub



Daniel's first experience of being on a film set was as an extra in The Land Girls in 1998. The film, starring Rachel Weisz and Catherine McCormack, provided him with an insight into a professional production and his enthusiasm grew from there.

In 2004, after studying scriptwriting at Derby University, he met Rishi Thaker on a community film course. Only a week after their first conversation, they were filming A Mid-Summer Nightmare, a zero-budget spoof horror. While editing the project, Daniel and Rishi came up with the name of Stickmen Pictures. Daniel went on to produce several short films with Rishi.

In 2005, Daniel was accepted on the residential Acting and Production Diploma at the ARTTS Skillcentre, a centre of excellence which took only the most promising talent from across the globe. The centre was founded by the world-renowned theatre and film director John Sichel. The centre was sadly closed after John died.

Working with various companies and talents around the country, Daniel did some work for the BBC and diversified into making music videos, documentaries and promotional videos. During this time, he and Rishi made The Chasist [Masquerade], a music video involving running, acrobatics and a car chase while showcasing the city of Derby.

The opportunity to work on his first feature film came in the form of A Reckoning (2011), from the mind of director A.D. Barker. Daniel worked as cameraman, alongside the project's diverse actor Leslie Simpson (Dog Soldiers/The Descent). Filming outside in some of the coldest conditions England has ever seen, he and the crew worked fourteen hour days for two weeks to complete principle photography. Due to unforeseen problems, this labour of love was not to see the light of day, but was a rewarding project to work on nonetheless.

Daniel was one of the first in England to be trained on the RED camera system, a new technology at the time. Daniel pioneered an interactive live-action video format and entertained audiences with his and Rishi's The Plumber.

Daniel started work as producer on Rishi Thaker's Slaughter is the Best Medicine, a feature-length action thriller shot on a low budget in Derbyshire. In addition to the demanding job of producing, he also did the cinematography and editing, even finding the energy to play a small role in the film.


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