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Across the Styx (2005)

Make your choice wisely.

A man's struggle to reach paradise takes him on a conflict between good and evil. He must overcome this challenge, leading him to make a choice that will decide his fate.

Genre: Philosophical Drama   Directed by: Rishi Thaker  
Type: Short film   Produced by: Daniel Tee (producer)  
Running time: 23 mins     Rishi Thaker (producer)  
Location: Derbyshire, UK     Tina Hook (co-producer)  
    Writing credits: Kunal Parekh (co-writer)  
      Rishi Thaker (co-writer)  




  Gary Keane ...Seth  
  David Leicester ...the Sage  
  Chris Battelle ...Charon  
  Cilente Bosman ...Saffron  
  Amanda Hamilton ...Lucy  
  Salonie Ranat ...girl  
  Ben Lingham ...child #1  
  Faye Lingham ...child #2  
  Kyra Murcott ...child #3  
  Assistant Director: Kunal Parekh  
  Director of Photography: Daniel Tee  
  Sound: Baldy Chris  
  Editor: Daniel Tee  
  Makeup: Sarah Jackson  
  Hair Design: Lauren Kavanagh  
  Production Assistants: Chris Battelle  
    Laurence Caulton  
    Meeta Thaker  
  Child Minding: Cilente Bosman  
    Tina Hook  
    Jacqui Murcott  
  Documentary: Joe Atom  
  Clapper Assistant: Chirag Desai  
  Thanks to: Chloe, Joshua and Stacie  
    Paul Brewster  
    Sailesh Purohit  
    Rob Stuart  
    Michael Beresford  



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