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The Darkness in the Fields


The Darkness in the Fields (2005)

Blood on their hands.

A mute teenage girl and her estranged father live in the dark village of The Fields, where spate of recent serial killings have left the village in fear. A man on the run lies in wait. Their paths merge to unravel a disturbing past, which leads to a devastating climax.

Genre: Psychological Chiller   Directed by: Rishi Thaker  
Type: Short film   Produced by: Daniel Tee and Rishi Thaker  
Running time: 23 mins   Writing credits: Rishi Thaker (co-writer)  
Location: Derbyshire, UK     Kunal Parekh (co-writer)  




  Gary Keane ...The Man  
  Amanda Hamilton ...Lucy Viles  
  Dave Hatchett ...David Viles  
  Cilente Bosman ...Francesca Viles
  David Leicester ...Albert Williams  
  Sally Swinfen ...Newsreader  
  Original score by: Nic Firth  
  Co-Producer: Tina Hook  
  Director of Photography: Daniel Tee  
  Sound: Laurence Caulton  
  Lighting: Kunal Parekh  
    Chris Battelle  
    Chirag Desai  
    Amanda Hamilton  
    Meeta Thaker  
    Vishal Somaiya  
  Editor: Daniel Tee  
  Sound Edit Supervision: Baldy Chris  
  Special Effects: Joe Atom  
  Makeup: Sarah Jackson  
  Thanks to: Derbyshire Scriptwriters  
    Ian Battelle  
    Karen Battelle  
    Paul Brewster  
    Rev. Peter Payne  
    Karl James  
    Corrine Harwood  
    Punit Jani  
    Sailesh Purohit  
    Charlie Sen  
    Michael Beresford  



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