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Focus (2008)

No mistakes.

A man backtracks through the woods away from a deathly hooded pursuer. Sanctuary is just around the corner, but with every distraction the figure gets closer. The man enters an alleyway leading to his goal, but the door is locked. He turns to find his pursuer blocking his escape. Nothing can faulter his concentration. Nothing except...

Genre: Suspense Horror   Directed by: Rishi Thaker  
Type: Short Film   Produced by: Daniel Tee (producer)  
Running time: 2 mins 20 secs     Rishi Thaker (producer)  
Location: Derbyshire, UK   Writing credit: Daniel Tee (writer)  



    Rishi Thaker (writer)  
  Chris Battelle ...Man  
  Cash Flagg, Jr. ...Hoody  
  Sound Laurence Caulton  
  Continuity/Makeup Asch Surani  
  Clapperboard/Grip Rikesh Surani  
  Music by: Jeff Seyler  


Editor: Daniel Tee  



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